Wildlife Photography trips just became a lot easier!

Apologies for being away for what seems like forever but its the kids holidays and any parent will know how hard it is to make time to pursue one's hobbies at this time!

To be honest I have quite enjoyed the time spent with the little man. After a year of flat out full time working and on top of that trying to build a wildlife photography portfolio, a YouTube channel and an Instagram following I think I am due a break from it all!

It's also nice to have the time off to focus on setting myself up for the year ahead and just clear the mind.

So anyways what have I been up to?


I sold my beloved GTI and bought this!

My new purchase! A 1994 Holdsworth converted Renault Trafic campervan!

Why did I sell a fast, dependable three and a half year old hot hatchback?

Well as much as I loved the car I was only really using it to get to work and back and it just felt like a waste. It was also just money sat on the driveway depreciating as all new cars do and I had been thinking about a campervan for some time.

Goodbye my friend! Gone is the Polo GTI!

After wondering around a few rusty wrecks and countless hours trawling the internet I finally settled on this stunning little van!

Its a 1994 Holdsworth converted Renault Trafic campervan with only 36k on the clock and the cleanest looking body and chassis I have ever seen!

It's a two berth camper complete with hob, grill, sink, lights, heating, portapotti and fridge! Basically everything I need for trips away with the family and also the ideal platform for a mobile wildlife photography hide with its sliding windows and the perfect place to stay in when I am far from home!

I really can't wait for our first trip away in it and hopefully there will be a lot of cool opportunities and adventures coming my way soon!

What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below!

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