Seeing my work at BBC Countryfile Live for QuilterCheviot's "Capturing The Moment 2019" competition

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Courtesy of QuilterCheviot my wife and I received free tickets to BBC's Countryfile Live show at Blenheim Palace, as my image of a Roe Deer with one antler (taken locally near Boughton, Norfolk) was one of the final 24 images in their "Capturing the moment 2019" competition!

A large print of my image was available for the public to see and vote on!

This was our first visit to Countryfile Live and also our first visit to Blenheim Palace and the grounds were stunning! So much effort had clearly gone into making this event a success!

The show was hosted at the stunning Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire.

There was a huge variety of stalls, selling all sorts of countryside and outdoor living products as well as plenty for the kids and dogs to do!

There was something for everyone at Countryfile Live!

But for myself and my Wife Clare the main attraction was seeing my finalist image displayed at numerous Quiltercheviot stands where I got to bore their staff, public (and Clare) about my photography!

Proudly standing next to my HUGE print!

I was so excited to hear people's opinions on my work and the work of others - some positive and occasionally even the odd rude negative comment(!) but on the whole it was really interesting seeing how everyone reacted differently to all the images and it was interesting hearing why they chose to vote for a particular image. (Even if it wasn't mine)

It was also fantastic seeing the large print of my work as I had never seen any of my prints so large before and any concerns about the quality were instantly gone when I got up close to the image! It looked superb even stood inches from it! Who say's you can't print large with Micro Four Thirds?!

My photo with five other finalists work (good luck guys)

All in all despite the crowds (I really dislike areas with lots of people) we had an amazing time and was so honoured to be part of the competition! Also many thanks go out again to QuilterCheviot for organising the competition and for their hospitality by providing drinks to keep us refreshed on a warm day. Thank you so much guys!

Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace

Voting closes at the end of the month and my work will continue to be displayed for the public to vote on until then, so all I can say is fingers crossed - it would be AMAZING if I won or was a runner up in either the judge's or public vote, but to be honest I am pleased I even made it this far and it's really been a month to remember.

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