Save money on your photo editing software!

I have recently become an affiliate for two companies offering incredible programs for post processing!

Skylum's incredible "Luminar 4" and Topaz Labs "Topaz Denoise"

I have been using Luminar for quite some time now since 2018 and have found it to be infinitely more preferable to using Adobe's "pay per month" scheme with Lightroom.

As photographer that doesn't earn much of an income from my work its absolutely essential to keep costs down and with Luminar you pay once and you are done!

Of course you can always upgrade if a new version becomes available (and you want to) but its not necessary!

The latest version 4 brings with it a very clever auto sky replacement feature that I have had great fun using!

Luminar 4 Sky Replacement

I have also recently been trialling Topaz Denoise and so far it seems as though its going to revolutionise the way I shoot wildlife!

No longer do I feel the need to keep my ISO as low as possible - I can shoot right up to around ISO 3200 and know the images will be more than useable even for large prints and the lower sensitivities have gained such extra sharpness whilst having less noise. I don't particularly enjoy paying out for software but I feel its essential to get the best, cleanest images I can from my current setup and this is definitely the best way to do it!

Topaz Denoise

I will be posting images using the software mentioned on my Instagram account and will also be making some videos for my YouTube channel so make sure you check those out as and when they come!

So what does this "affiliate thing" mean?

In short it means I get a small commission if you make a purchase AND I get to offer you 15% (or more) off any purchases which is definitely a win win!

If you are interested in the software mentioned please visit the links below - the discount codes for Skylum products is "MARANO" and for Topaz Labs "MARANO15"


Luminar 4: //

Aurora HDR: //

Topaz Labs

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