Not everyone's cup of tea but an enjoyable new wildlife photography subject! (Rats)

Today I had mostly been feeling cold, slightly ill and unmotivated.

That all changed when sat at my computer by the back door the dogs started barking!

I looked outside to see what all the commotion was about and was shocked to see a rat climbing up our tree!

A cute little rat perched on our son's hamster and guinea pig memorial!

I grabbed the G9 and went outside. Staying low and keeping in cover...

First mistake! No SD card in the camera! Went back indoors and grabbed it out of the PC...

Back outside and grabbed a few distant shots...

SD card full! Went back inside and grabbed one out of the G80...

Over the course of the next few hours I started to test how close I could get to the rats. At first they ran away but I noticed that if I approached slowly laying down whilst they were distracted, I could get as close as I needed to without them becoming alarmed.

One of my first shots. A test of the G9's autofocus (Image at 20% quality)

The most challenging part of photographing these small animals was ironically the fact that they were in my garden! There was a lot of clutter around including small blades of grass, sticks and the lighting was very unpredictable. I found myself using auto ISO quite a bit and having to change my metering settings often as the Rats were in and out of shade a lot too!

The rats are obviously very fast so focus and recompose was also a challenge and animal autofocus on the G9 wasn't really working due to the grass and the small rats confusing it.

Considered Vermin but aren't they cute?

There appeared to be a leader that didn't seem too bothered by my presence the whole time and eventually I managed to count 5 rats! I am so shocked that in the space of only a couple of hours these intelligent little creatures that people consider vermin went from being fearful to being pretty trusting and I can't wait to work with them some more in the future! Here are a few more shots (shown at 20% quality)

Hope you enjoy!

The birds water had blown down from the high winds and these little guys were taking advantage at being able to drink from it

Possibly my favourite shot of the day

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