Fantastic Mr (or Mrs) Fox!

I have tried for so long to get an image of a wild Fox!

Wild red Fox Norfolk UK captured with the Lumix G80 and 100-400 leica lens @400mm F6.3 1/125 ISO 800

In a year of living in the Norfolk countryside I have only had four encounters and was losing hope that I would ever see one again but look who decided to pay the field next to my house a visit!

A wild red Fox searches the field close to my house for its breakfast. Shot taken on the Lumix G80 and 100-400 @180mm F4.8 1/125 ISO 320

So they DO exist! Sadly the shot was taken at 05:15 am and I really needed to be on my way to work so I managed to grab a few shots before I definitely needed to be on my way!

Red Fox finds a mouse Lumix G80 100-400 @400mm F6.3 1/125 ISO 800

Moving forwards I now need to find where my Fox lives and that involves trying out a new piece of gear - my trail camera!

I see you! Lumix G80 100-400 @400mm F6.3 1/125 ISO 640

Let me know about your Fox experiences in the comments below :)

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