An unsuccessful start to the year...but here's two videos to make up for it ;)

As you may have been able to tell by the lack of posts and images it's been a very unsuccessful start to 2020 for my wildlife photography...

Here in the UK we have had possibly the worst weather for wildlife photography with pretty much non stop rain and wind since September!!! I can't remember a winter so bad!

Due to this I have switched tactics to doing a lot more hide based photography but even that has only yielded mediocre results!

Okay, so its not all the weather's fault - I think it's my yearly curse. Last year was great, the year before bad so it makes sense this year is also going bad haha!

Anyways to help break the curse I have uploaded two YouTube videos in the last week in the hope that I can help others out with some inspiration and maybe help break their curses.

Here's hoping!

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